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Biospecimen Request Form (Frozen Tissue)

BRC Biospecimen Request Form (FFPE)

BRC Informed Consent Brochure

BRC Assent Consent Brochure

The consent forms are restricted documents. Please contact for more information.

NYULMC HIPAA Compliant Consenting Process

Consenting Process

Tissue Collection Brochure given to patient at office

Patient reviews the brochure and may investigate any concerns regarding tissue collection  Patient signs a triplicate one page consent on day of surgery Copy of consent received by BRC in surgical pathology suite

Tissue Acquisition

Tissue is examined by surgical pathology

 Excessive tissue (tumor and normal) is given to BRC for banking   Tissue is snap frozen in OCT Specimen assigned unique barcode and delinked from database

Quality Assurance

Frozen sectioning performed, sections are assesed and the results are logged into the database

Regulatory Compliance


Request for Specimen

Requests for specimens are reviewed by a regulatory panel