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The Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Core, a component of the Experimental Pathology Shared Resource, serves as an immunohistochemical antibody repository with a catalog of over 1,000 antibodies. The IHC Core develops immunohistochemical protocols for new antibodies (commercial or proprietary) that have not been tested in fresh, frozen, fixed human or animal tissues and cells. In addition to performing manual labeling, the IHC Core is equipped with two Ventana NEXES and one Discovery automated immunohistochemical staining instrument. The core uses human and animal tissue micro-arrays for optimization and employs a wide variety of antigen retrieval methods for protocol development. Additionally, the IHC Core offers tyramide and polymer amplification methods (manual) and single or two color chromogenic immunohistochemistry. The core has also commenced developing protocols and validating antibodies for immunoflorescence in frozen and FFPE tissue samples. 

Archival human tissues for creating TMAs are procured through the BioRepository Center. Animal tissue is collected and processed through the Histopathology Core.

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