Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Core: Fees

Important Announcement: Prices Reduced in the Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Core

In an effort to better match the prices for services provided by Immunohistochemistry Core, the Office of Collaborative Science (OCS) will adjust pricing for the following IHC services, effective February 1, 2012. Prices shown are per slide. Select the link below to view the complete list of price changes.

 Immunohistochemistry  Current Price  Promotional Price *- Effective 2/1/12
Validation $22.50 $15.00
Regular IHC $22.50 $10.00
Double IHC $50.00  $20.00
Manual IHC $40.00  $30.00
Verify Antibody $22.50  $5.00
Controls  ------ $5.00

 *All prices are per slide

The core also sells aliquots of validated (and un-validated) antibodies for use by investigators and their staff.  For additional information on this service, please contact the IHC Core Director.

The IHC core lab has commenced its transition to LabVantage LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).  PIs, their managers and staff are required to take the training sessions to familiarize themselves with the system as well as  to learn procedures for entering requests for services.  Online training is available through OnSite Health and iDevelop (module: Research IT - LIMS LabVantage Introduction for Department Administrators).  For more information, please contact the core staff.

Below is the complete list of price changes.

Immunohistochemistry and Histopathology Services and Pricing (PDF)

Item Fee Unit
Pre-Automated Processing
Gross preparation (animal) 2.00 Sample
Grossing/pre-processing prep 2.00 Sample
Cassette loading 1.00 Sample
Decalcification 3.00 Sample
Paraffin Processing
Standard processing 3.75 Sample
Manual processing 6.00 Sample
Special processing 3.75 Sample
Human - majors specimens 4.75 Sample
Human - biopsy speicimans 4.75 Sample
Beryllium processing 7.00 Sample
Paraffin Block embedding
Regular/Routine embedding (animal) 2.00 Block
Regular Routine embedding (Human) 4.00 Block
Cell block embed/prep 3.00 Block
Paraffin Block setioning
Blank/serial section (animal) 2.25 Slide
Blank/serial section (human, 5-10uM) 2.25 Slide
Blank/serial section (human, 10-20uM) 7.50 Slide
Blank/serial section (human, > 20uM) 15.00 Slide
Surcharge for molecular studies (RNase free) in tubes (paraffin) 2.25 Slide
Surcharge for molecular studies (RNase free) on slides (paraffin) 3.25 Slide
Sectioning more than 2 tissues in a block (anilmal) 3.00 Slide
Levels 1.50 Level
Localized sectioning (paraffin) 10.00 Block
Frozen (Cryo) Block prep & embedding (animal)
Cryo-fixation (animal) 16.00 Sample
Cryo-embedding (animal) 16.00 Sample
Frozen (Cryo) sectioning (animal)
Cryo-sectioning set-up 3.00 Sample/Block
Cryo-sectioning (Slides) 3.50 Slide
Levels (frozen) 6.00 Level
Localized sectioning (frozen) 15.00 Block
Surcharge for molecular studies (RNase free) on slides (frozen) 3.25 Slide
Investigtor Directed Distribution of sections on slide 4.50 Slide
Slide Staining
H&E staining of paraffin sections, frozen animal, & fixed frozen human slides 2.50 Slide
H&E staining of TMA sections 4.00 Slide
H&E Manual Staining 4.00 Slide
Tri-chrome staining 10.00 Slide
PAS 10.00 Slide
PicroSirius Red 15.00 Slide
Geimsa 5.00 Slide
Oil Red O 10.00 Slide
Toludine Blue 5.00 Slide
Congo red 10.00 Slide
Silver Stain 15.00 Slide
Luxol Fast Blue 10.00 Slide
Hematoxylin/Eosin counter stain 2.00 Slide
Alcian Blue (alone) 10.00 Slide
Alcian Blue-PAS 15.00 Slide
IHC Titration 15.00 Slide
Regular IHC 10.00 Slide
Double IHC 20.00 Slide
Manual 30.00 Slide
Verify Antibody 5.00 Slide
Controls 5.00 Slide
Re-embed 2.00 Sample
Re-hydrate (de-paraffinize) 1.00 Rack
Photography (hour) 48.00 hour
Necropsy 120.00 animal
Consultation/Technical Assistance 48.00 hour
Service of faculty member 100.00 hour
Coverslipping (when slide not stained in core) 0.35 Slide
Re-coverslipping 0.60 Slide
Instrumentation Rentals
Cryostat 12.00 hour
Microtome 12.00 hour
Embbedding station 5.00 hour
Microscope rental (photography) 8.00 hour
Laser Capture Microscope 15.00 hour
Fluorescent Dissecting scope 25.00 hour
Ariol Image Analysis Work Station 8.00 hour
Ariol Tech time 48.00 hour
Assistance/training on instruments 15.00 hour
Digital Whole Slide Scanning
Brightfield 20X 1.50 Slide
Brightfield 40X 3.00 Slide
Fluorescent protocol develpoment 15.00 Protocol
IF section 5X, 10X 1.00 slide
IF section 20X 1.25 Slide
IF section 40X 1.50 Slide
per color 1.00 fluor/dye
Cassettes 0.20 cassette
Paraformaldehyde (tube) 20.00 tube
Slide box (large) 5.00 large box
Slide box (small) 4.00 small box
Eosin (bottle) 50.00 bottle
Hematoxylin 58.00 bottle
500 GB external Hard Drive 125.00 drive


The components of pricing for each service include the cost of consumables, the cost for technician time for each service, and a small percentage of any associated service contracts. As with many of our services, the incremental cost of each procedure is affected by overall volume; as volume increases, we pass the resulting savings on to users in the form of reduced prices.