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Typhoon Trio

Courtesy of GE:
The GE Typhoon Trio™ has three lasers enabling excitation and visualization of a wide range of wavelengths.  Applications include fluorescent stained protein gels (SYPRO Ruby, Deep Purple), fluorescent western blots (ECL Plus, ECL Plex), fluorescent nucleic acid stains (SYBR-green), 2D-DIGE (Cy2, Cy3, Cy5) etc.  Gels and blots are positioned directly on a glass plate for scanning.  The Typhoon is not recommended for straight chemiluminescence, but fluorescent alternatives such as ECL Plus, and Cy-dye labeled secondary antibodies do allow western blotting experiments to be analyzed. Images can be saved as TIFF files for manipulation in standard graphic software. Analysis is performed using ImageQuantTL software which is loaded on the Typhoon computer.

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Standard Set of emission filters for the Typhoon Trio™ Imager

Color WaveLength Light Source
Red Light 632.8 nm   Helium - Neon Laser
Green Light  532 nm Solid State doubled frequency SYAG laser
Blue Light   488 nm Argon Ion Laser
Blue Light  457 nm Argon Ion Laser
Emission Filters Description
520 nm band pass  Cy2, ECL Plus, Fluorescein
555 nm band pass  R6G, HEX
580 nm band pass Cy3, Tamra
610 nm band pass   SyproTM Ruby, ethidium bromide
670 nm band pass   Cy5
526 nm short pass  Fluorescein
560 nm long pass TRITC

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