LI-COR Odyssey® Fc Imaging System

Features and Benefits

Odyssey Fc

Courtesy of LI-COR:
No Film or Darkroom
Save time, eliminate the guesswork of multiple exposures, and eliminate the expense and hazardous waste associated with film processing.

Simple Chemiluminescence
With the Odyssey Fc System, chemiluminescent imaging is streamlined for excellent results with minimal user adjustments and without the need for multiple exposures.

Wide Linear Dynamic Range
With FieldBrite™XT technology, accurately detect strong and weak signals over a broad linear dynamic range.

Quantitative, Two-Color Western Blots
Two infrared fluorescence detection channels enable LI-COR's industry standard quantitative two-color target analysis.

One-Button Image Acquisition
Image Studio software is the key to fast, easy image acquisition and analysis with the Odyssey Fc Imager.

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