LI-COR Odyssey® Imager

Features and Benefits


Chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection methods are both commonly used in Western blot analyses. Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence detection allows you to quantitate proteins over a much wider linear dynamic range than chemiluminescence can. Strong and weak bands are accurately detected on the same blot without the uncertainty and inconvenience of multiple exposures or time in the darkroom. The signal is stable and can be detected today or months later.


Multiple applications are optimized for the Odyssey System:

Coomassie Gels
DNA Gel Staining
EMSA/Gel Shift Assay
Glycoprotein Detection
In-Cell WesternTM Assay
In-Gel Western Assay
Northern Blot
On-Cell Western Assay
Protease Assay
Protein Array
Quantitative Western Blot
Reporter Gene Assay
Reverse Phase (Lysate) Array
RNAi Screens
Small Animal Imaging
Southern Blot
Tissue Section Imaging
Transcription Factor Assay

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